Este dificil să montezi un hamac în interior?

Is it difficult to set up a hammock indoors?

"I'd like a hammock too, but I have nowhere to hang it..." I've heard this too many times. I think it's the fear of the unknown that stands in the way of mounting our well-deserved hanging chair.

It's easier than it sounds! I promise!

To make myself better understood, things are as follows in 99% of cases: there is a ceiling in every room. This ceiling can be made of concrete, wood, plasterboard or other types of coffered ceilings.

In the ideal situation we have in view a solid beam made of metal, wood or a concrete ceiling. Here it is quite clear. We buy a clamping ring corresponding to the type of material in which we mount it. We can consult with sellers in DIY stores near the house. Or you can access the Accessories section of our portfolio.

Then we call a craftsman (if we don't have the necessary skills or tools) for assembly. It shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to execute itself.

If you have a false ceiling (plasterboard or coffered ceiling) you don't have to worry. After you cut out the false ceiling to get a solid base where you can hang a bracket, you can mask it aesthetically with an inspection door that you can find in specialty stores.

As an alternative, you can always purchase a metal floor support and then you no longer need to install a ceiling attachment.

In any case, I am here to guide you. Don't let a seemingly complicated operation get in the way of your relaxation in a hanging chair.

Creator HANGarOund

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