Collection: New entry

We are excited to introduce our new suspended armchairs, this time using Fiber Guard technology.

I often get the question: "How do you clean it?" well, now, we have the answer with us: FIBER GUARD.

What does Fiber Guard mean? From the usual stains of ketchup, coffee, red wine, to the most stubborn stains of lipstick, oil, or ink, all of them can be cleaned very easily, just with water.

What's more, from now on, by using OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified fabrics, which do not contain harmful chemicals, we have become a company that is careful about the resources we use.

This means that the materials that make up our hammocks are almost 100% recycled.

CAREFUL! The product photos are digital renderings and the likeness of the digital fabrics to the real ones are almost identical. Of course, our armchairs are much more beautiful in reality, being created to delight your senses and pamper you every day.

We PROMISE to return to each product with photos taken by us personally, to convey the quality of the creations as well as possible, as quickly as possible!